Why we exist

iSpace is a registered not for profit Association (reg. no.226110), established by a team of professionals of all round backgrounds in the fields of environment, energy, science and technology, research, education, health and rights, organisational culture, change and development, accounting, engineering as well as social entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to creating innovative spaces where people and teams are able to nurture their skills, talents and ideas into real time sustainable, social enterprises.

Our ideology is strongly based on the 3Ps (People, planet and profit) model. We put emphasis on utilization of existing resources, in a way that generates profit without necessarily hurting the planet. Through all of our work, we aspire to be leaders in social innovation, knowledge sharing and providing a range of support to aspiring individuals, groups and organizations that have great ideas for sustainable development and with potential to greatly scale up social impact.

Our vision

A world where every one is a social innovator.

Our mission

To build a sustainable model for knowledge and skills exchange for unraveling future innovations. Great business opportunities are developed to create greater social impact through connecting like-minded individuals and organizations to collaboratively apply science, technology and innovation, in pursuit of supporting improved livelihoods.

Our values

Courage of conviction:
 Being creative and radical, bold and innovative – without fear of failure.

Mutual respect:
 Recognizing the innate worth of all people and the value of diversity.

Honesty & transparency:
Being accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of actions and open in judgments and communications with others.

Celebrate each great step!


  1. To motivate, encourage and support national and community groups of youths to engage in research and social Innovations for greater social impact.
  2. Promoting public and community health.
  3. Protection and conservation of the environment and other natural resources.
  4. Providing for research in all fields of agriculture and agri-business, engineering, technology, accounting, and other fields like banking, finance, and rehabilitation.
  5. To establish and operate social enterprise and innovation spaces that act as consultation and training hubs for organizations, teams and individuals.
  6. Spreading of rights, education, sports and culture.
  7. Providing for improvement of quality of human life.
  8. To nurture a dynamic, interactive community where tech innovators, business and research community collaborate, innovate and incubate social enterprises for sustainable development.