Abbe Katerega

IT guru

Abbe has registered vast success in the last 13 years supporting institutional development reforms and working on solutions from simple to most complex challenges. Abbe’s work holds a record of the most significant positive impact in both Private and Public Sector, drawing participatory approaches to sustainable programs particularly; having worked with Oxford policy, Management (OPM), Nigerian State Government, DFID –ESSPIN (Education Sector Support Program). And World Bank Program –Cash transfer program (CCT). In addition to having worked with the largest Ngo’s in Uganda and Rwanda.

Abbe Katerega is highly experienced in IT Management and Development. He holds a MSc in Social Sector Planning in Management from Makerere University, BA in Education from Kyambogo University and ICT Systems Engineer with immense ICT certifications –ranging from Microsoft to ITIL. Currently, Abbe is the founder of iGenesis an organization focused on empowering business communities to release their inner business potential both in Uganda and USA.

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