Lillian Viko

Education specialist

Lillian Viko, also an entrepreneur, is an Education Specialist with a background in teaching, children and youth programming, development work, educational planning, economics and international development. Lillian has over 10 years’ NGO experience in managing and delivering youth and children programmes in formal and informal settings in the development context.

Lillian has experience working in education, livelihoods, health, participation and governance sectors with an added advantage of developing and delivering integrated programmes and projects. Lillian has accumulated experience, knowledge and skills in programme/project design and management in monitoring and evaluation, reporting and articulating programme outcomes and impact, in partnership development and management, networking and negotiation.

She has good inter-personal skills that enhance her strengths in strategic planning and leading large teams of staff and volunteers, grants management, partner relationships management and expectations as well as strengthening and motivating a cross section of human resource teams to harness their highest potentials to deliver on targets. Lillian’s experience lends to being dynamic in a swiftly changing digital, global and local scene; right from strategic to local community level, especially in mobilizing and facilitating community participation.


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