Nsiimye Juliet

Development Specialist

Nsiimye Juliet began her career as an organizational development Specialist and shifted focus to program development with International and National NGOs. Juliet has previously served as an Organizational Development Advisor for the National Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS in Nepal before joining Skill share International as a Management advisor for Swaziland Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS.

She later joined Ndali Estate Uganda Ltd as a consultant for a capacity building program for Rwenzori Farmers Cooperative Union. Her experience has exposed her to Health and HIV and AIDS interventions, social entrepreneurship; secure livelihoods, sustainable agriculture, environment and climate change, action research and advocacy. Presently, she is directing her efforts towards innovations in Public Health, social entrepreneurship and education of the girl child. Juliet holds a Masters in Public Health from Manchester Metropolitan University-UK and B.A Social Sciences (Economic and Social Administration) from Makerere University-Uganda.

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