Simon Bigabwenkya

Renewable energy enthusiast

Simon Bigabwenkya; a professional environmentalist, energy expert with lots of experience in running both Not for profit as well as social enterprises with innovative strategies in the sale of clean energy solutions to off grid communities. He is a Co-founding director of Friends of Nature-Uganda; a natural resource organisation with a reputable name in implementing natural recourses conservation projects in Uganda. Simon is a member of the United Nations online volunteers where he offers pro-bono consulting on environment, renewable energy, and Bop markets, among others.

Simon has done several courses including the Energy 1.01x of the University of Texas, and the solar energy course of Delft University of technology. This further explains his deep sense in developing of modern solar systems and management of solar energy projects. Simon has worked with international social enterprises, namely; BBOXX and SolarNow, where he left a significant mark in the development and management of sales team. He is apparently involved in implementing projects, training and mentoring innovators

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